Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Dreams. They are one of the only things about humans that scientists don't fully understand. And neither do I. I have the weirdest dreams ever, and I think I have inherited that wonderful gift from my mum. She has crazy dreams and always has the funniest stories about them. I was never much of a dreamer, I just barely remembered them, but for the last two or three years, I have been having the same weird dreams, so I thought it would be fun to describe a few of my weirdest dreams to all of you, because they are so absurd you'll probably have a good chuckle ^.^

First dream.
I was in my living room, and it was full of dancing men. Fat, dancing men in suits. They made me think of businessmen or something like that. They were all going crazy and dancing like they were at some bar mitzvah. And they wanted to destroy the world. Every hour, one of the weird, dancing men would read out something that was on a green piece of paper, and when every single piece of paper was read, the world would explode. Of course, me, the heroine, saved the world, by ripping all of the green papers to pieces. And I had brown hair and bangs, for some reason.

Second dream.
I was, once again, in my living room. There was a man with a machine gun, shooting at me and my family and screaming: 'Where is the cookbook?' And we had no idea where his precious cookbook was.

Third dream.
I worked at a Dutch themepark called the Efteling. And I was dressed as Sleeping Beauty. For some reason, the other princesses were mad at me. Everyone was suddenly camping in the themepark, and One Direction made an appearance! Actually, Niall Horan gave me a lift to my brothers birthday party. My brother was living in a barn and there was a really big party. Jessie J, Simon Cowell and One Direction were there too. My grandparents were also trying to tell Niall (they speak English very poorly, so it sounded quite funny) that the world was going to end.

Am I the only one having dreams this weird? Because sometimes, it scares me. If my dreams are like this, what will it say about me? Well, I guess we'll never know. Do you ever have weird dreams? Leave them in the comments below ^.^

Bye XX <3

Picture source: Weheartit

Monday, 20 May 2013

DIY Masquerade Ice Queen Mask

A couple of days ago, I was really bored so I started watching videos on Youtube, hoping to find something to do. After about an hour of watching lots of DIY videos, I came across Klairedelysart's channel. I had seen some of her videos before, but I guess I kind of forgot about them. But now, I saw that she has these awesome DIY videos with really creative projects that I haven't seen anywhere else before. Especially this one seemed pretty interesting, so I watched it, and was mindblown! I had no idea you could do something this awesome, with only a glue gun! Though I was afraid it was going to be a fail, I plugged in my glue gun and tried it myself. I don't have a face cast, so I just made it on a flat surface. It was a bit of an experiment, because I had no idea if the glue was going to be flexible, or if I could even get it off of the surface :p

Of course, it's by far not as pretty as hers, but I think I did quite a good job. It also looks quite different from hers, because I changed up the shape of the mask. I'm very pleased with the results and I think it's so cool that you can do it with only a glue gun, some nailpolish, a piece of ribbon and glitters. Just too bad I never go to masquerade balls :')

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ebelin brushes

While I was on vacation, I went shopping in Germany. I love shopping in Germany, because they have different makeup brands there and most makeup is cheaper than here. I went to the DM (basically Boots in Germany) and I found these brushes there! Ever since, I've been using them a lot and I like them a lot, so I thought I'd share my opinion on these brushes, for those of you who happen to live in or near Germany ^.^

I bought the mineral powder brush, which is actually a stippling brush, and a concealer brush. First of all: holy guacamole these brushes are soft! Especially the concealer brush! Both of the brushes smelled a bit weird in the beginning, but that went away after cleaning them a few times with brush cleanser. The brushes are synthetic and have quite a lot of hairs. The hairs on the stippling brush are very flexible and soft. I think it's a great brush for applying (cream) blush. You could probably use it for applying foundation, too, but I haven't tried that out yet. It's easy to clean and the colour doesn't stay on the brush after cleaning it. The concealer brush has a lot of very stiff hairs that are as soft as baby's bottom :p. I've been using it for concealing the dark circles under my eyes and i think it works great ^.^

My only problem now is, I need to find a new way to stash my face brushes. I used to put them in a cute coke can, but they don't fit in there anymore. Does anyone know a good way to stash your makeupbrushes? If you do, please share it with me in the comments!

XXX Bye!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Living Out Loud

I got this book for my birthday last year. I didn't really know what to ask for my birthday and I came across it. It looked fun so I thought I'd ask for this book, not knowing what to expect. Living Out Loud by Keri Smith is a really good book for people like me, people who like being creative, but sometimes just can't find any inspiration. It includes several funny activities, some will take an hour, and some will take ten minutes. They are all just little exercises to boost your creativity. 

Though the front of the book looks a bit girly, the book itself isn't too girly. I think anyone creative can like this book ^.^.  It consists of 4 parts: Starting, Connecting, Letting Go and Dreaming Work. The Starting part is all about getting to know yourself a bit better and challenging yourself. In the second part, Connecting, you get encouraged to change your life if you want to. The third part, Letting Go, focuses on, well, letting go. Letting go of your past self and imagining yourself in the future. The last part, Dreaming Work, is about actually making a change and helps you with it.

I think this book is really helpful to gain inspiration and start living life out loud! It doesn't only boost your creativity, but also helps you get a more positive outlook on life. There are plenty of cute illustrations and it even has stickers! Who doesn't want a book for grown ups with stickers, right? ;) I would recommend this book to anyone interested in living life out loud and getting more creative! I definitely got more creative after reading it and I still do some of the activities when I'm bored. I love it ^.^

XX Bye <3

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

After abandoning this blog for another week (I'm sorry, I was on vacation and there was no wifi o.O), I'm finally back! Today I decided to share a product that I have been loving sooo much the past few weeks! The Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray by Lee Stafford! I wanted to buy a sea salt spray for quite a while and I finally bought one. There were quite a few brands that sold sea salt sprays, so I wasn't sure which one to pick. I'm happy I chose this one, because it's amazing ^.^

The only thing you have to do, is spray about 10 times, and you have the perfect beach babe look! You can use it on towel dried hair and dry hair, so you can basically use it whenever you feel like using it. I'm not going to lie, your hair does feel a little bit sticky the first two hours or so, but after those two hours, my hair feels completely normal and still looks wavy. This is what my hair looks like after I've used it:

My hair is already pretty curly/wavy on itself, so don't expect to get this much waviness, if that is even a word, but this spray does give you beachy waves and I think it works great to get a little bit more texture in your hair if you want to do an updo, too. I'm very glad I bought this spray, and I will probably be using it a lot this summer ^.^

XXX Bye! <3