Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Meet Fred!

Say hi to Fred! I called him Fred because, well, I like giving inanimate objects names. I've wanted to buy a good camera for about three years, but since I've only recently gotten a job, now I could finally afford one!

Deciding which camera I wanted to get was quite difficult, because I have a limited knowledge of the technical aspects of a DSLR camera. After reading lots of reviews and watching photos and videos made with several cameras, I decided to get the Canon EOS 600D. And I couldn't be happier. These are some photos that I've made to test it out.

I'm superexcited to discover all of the new options I have with this camera. The video quality is amazing too ^.^ I'll probably upload a video soon so you guys can see it :)

Have a nice day ^.^

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Music of the moment #5

Source: We Heart It

Hello my dear friends! After a long while of not blogging regularly and feeling uninspired, I think I'm ready to start blogging more again! It also helps that I'll be able to afford a new camera in about a week, which means more photos and better quality videos. I literally CAN'T wait. I'm even doing a little happy dance as we speak. But as for now, I've got 5 new (well, I hadn't heard of them before) songs for you that I've been listening to a lot. Enjoy!

Music To Make Boys Cry by Diana Vickers

I had no idea who Diana Vickers was, until I came across one of her music videos on Youtube, but I immediately liked her voice. I especially like her acoustic songs, because I'm not really into that electronic music thingy. 

Life Is Rosy by Jess Penner

I adore cute songs like this. If you're into this kind of music as well, you should check out Jess Penner. All of her songs have exactly the right amount of cuteness.

Let It Go from Frozen, performed by Idina Menzel

I love Disney. I love Idina Menzels voice. Perfect combination. It's such a powerful song, and it's about letting go of fears and finally feeling free. I could really relate to Elsa's character, even though, sadly, I don't have any supercool ice powers.

Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

Yes, I know, I'm one of the last people on earth to discover Ellie Gouldings wonderful music. I think this is my favourite Ellie Goulding song, but I like Explosions a lot too. 

Rogers + Hammerstein's Cinderella

Because I really like Broadway shows and secretly I'm a 6-year-old trapped inside the body of a 16-year-old.

Have an amazing Sunday ^.^